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Electric Chain Hoist in Malaysia

Finding a top-notch chain hoist in Malaysia? Liftech Engineering is the answer you have been looking for.

Our electric chain hoists come in a compact design and a reliable safety system. A perfect option to be installed at your crane as it is able to lift heavy-duty loads at your facility, way better than the traditional hoist. Besides, our Liftket Chain Hoist also has a unique safety-brake system where the brake will hold the loads in case the clutch or motor fails to function properly. This system helps to protect your loads safely whenever there is equipment failure happens at your workplace.

Our top-quality electric chain hoist in Malaysia will bring many advantages in the long term as only minimal maintenance is needed. These products are also specially designed to have greater flexibility, allowing a better and easier lifting operation. 

TBM electric chain hoist in Malaysia.

LT-TBM Chain Hoist

Liftket electric chain hoist in Malaysia.

LIFTKET Chain Hoist

As a local hoist supplier, we aim to exceed your expectations with our solutions. Speak to our professional team about our excellent range chain hoist solution in Malaysia today. For any enquiries, please contact us at or call our nearest branch to your place!

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