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Reliable Overhead Crane Supplier in Malaysia

Looking for an overhead crane supplier in Malaysia? We have vast experience in supplying overhead cranes for various industries across Malaysia and South East Asia. These cranes are sturdy and strong, making them the best option for heavy-duty applications.

An overhead crane consists of a parallel runway with a bridge across the gap. A hoist will then be mounted onto the crane and will travel horizontally and vertically to handle heavy goods in mostly production factories. They are also known as single girder or double girder cranes since they are designed using a single bridge or a double bridge depending on the capacity of the crane.

Traditionally, maneuvering a forklift in a packed area requires so much time and effort to handle goods. But, our technological-advanced modern cranes can increase the productivity of your workstation. They are highly versatile in terms of functionality as they can be flexible to move around easily.

Here at Liftech Engineering, we offer a complete range of crane services for our clients. We will take care of everything from manufacturing to installation to satisfy all your crane needs. Our experts will ensure that we can customise our crane solution to suit your facility and requirements.

Get Your Overhead Crane From Us!

We are the leading crane supplier in Malaysia, that offers overhead crane solutions ranging from 1 to 100 tons in accordance with ISO standards. If you are interested in finding out more about overhead cranes in Malaysia, please do not hesitate to contact us at Liftech Engineering.

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