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Jib Crane in Malaysia

Looking for a jib crane in Malaysia? Having a limited workspace? A jib crane is a perfect option if you are searching for a crane to handle light loads in a limited workspace. Put your worries away as it is designed to help you improve the productivity at your facility. Installing a jib crane will also help to improve safety as well as increase production at your facility.

A jib crane is a type of crane that can turn from 90-360 degrees in a horizontal manner, where a hoist will be fixed onto the structure. At Liftech Engineering, we offer many different types of jib cranes fitted for different applications and headroom requirements. Our jib cranes come in various types such as gantry jib cranes, wall-mounted jib cranes and cantilever jib cranes with rotation up to 360°. Besides, these jib cranes can be either placed on a wall or floor-mounted pillar, depending on your industrial needs.

Interested to know more? Email us at or call us for more details information about our best jib crane in Malaysia. You may also check out Liftech Engineering’s other crane solutions like monorail cranes and overhead cranes in Malaysia!