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Monorail Crane in Malaysia

Liftech Engineering offers the best monorail crane solution in Malaysia that allows simple, reliable and safe operation. Ideal for production applications where goods continuously need to be transferred from one place to another. Heavy-duty lifting equipment like gantry cranes can be quite impractical, especially in certain facilities that have limited space. Therefore, monorail cranes can be an alternative material handling option. This is the reason why it is mostly installed in restricted areas.

A monorail crane is a lifting device suited for production lines where conveyors are below the crane. You can also customize the monorail crane according to your requirement and facility. Besides, monorail cranes provide two types of movements which are:
- Forward and backward movement for the goods to run through the monorail beam.
- Up and down movement through the hoist.

If you need a light-lifting crane for your workstation, get our high-performance monorail crane in Malaysia. Contact us to discuss your crane needs and we will be happy to help you with the best solution.

Apart from providing crane solutions in Malaysia, we also have several other services like overhead crane training, overhead crane repair and spare parts and JKKP renewal application.